"British Petroleum Statistical Review of World Energy 2018"
18 de septiembre de 2018
De 18:30 a 20:30h
ITAM, Río Hondo

Presentación: "BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2018"

Mark Finley, Gerente General de Mercados de Energía Globales y Economía de EE.UU. en BP.

As well as highlighting these longer-term trends, this year’s Statistical Review also shines a light on the shorter-term developments affecting our industry. In the oil market, yet another year of robust demand growth, combined with the production cuts of OPEC and other participating countries, allowed oil inventories to fall back towards more normal levels. But the rapid growth of US tight oil over the same period should caution us that the recent firming in oil prices is unlikely to persist. In BP, we remain firmly focused on efficiency, reliability and capital discipline.

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