María Luisa Aguilera, new President of the Coahuila district of Women in Mining
Oficina de Exalumnos
March 16, 2021

We congratulate María Luisa Aguilera López, former student of the MBA of ITAM, and the BAL Management Program, for her appointment as President of the Coahuila district of Women in Mining (WIM) in Mexico.

María Luisa Aguilera has a degree in Psychology from the Universidad Autónoma del Noreste (UANE), and master’s degree in Organizational Development, in addition to his training in the postgraduate degrees of ITAM.

María Luisa joined Peñoles in 1996, she has collaborated in diverse areas of the company, and currently is subdirector of Human and Organizational Development of Baluarte Minero, where is responsible for the process of holistic wellness, and cultural transformation. Maria Luisa mention for important pillars: to promote the female participation in the labor market; to search for congruence and equity in the generation of leadership and development opportunities; foster an inclusive environment physically and psychologically; and promote meritocracy and justice, so that everyone is treated equally.

The ITAM community wishes every success to María Luisa Aguilera for her appointment as President of the Coahuila district of Women ¡We wish her much success in this new stage!