Arena football team presents trophies to ITAM's president
Oficina de Comunicación
October 6, 2015

ITAM President Dr. Arturo Fernández welcomed the members of the institute’s arena football and touch football teams, who presented to him the trophies won over the past year. After starting as a student organization in 2010, the Colmillos football squad currently represents the ITAM in various tournaments and categories within which they have won several titles. The wins came at the end of 2014 in the touch football league (Club Nacional de Tocho), in the first months of 2015 in the Extreme Arena Football League (LEXFA), and more recently in the BAL Sports and Cultural Games.

In an interview, team members agreed that the main challenge of this period was the integration of a younger team, given that some of the founders have either finished or are in the process of completing their degrees at ITAM. At the beginning of the latest LEXFA season, the team suffered a defeat that was a heavy blow. However, the integration of the newcomers and the less experienced players was immediate, and the team was able to recover and win the championship.

Jonathan Pacheco, a ninth-semester student in actuarial sciences, talked about his experience in winning the title during the last tournament. He said he felt a great responsibility toward the team, and he said he is satisfied with the bond that he achieved with the group during his participation over three years.

Paul Konik, a first-semester student in the undergraduate law program, highlighted the challenge of maintaining the academic pace that ITAM requires and balancing that with the physical demands required by sports such as football. He said the team accepted him as a familyd, and the experience has served as an inspiration in all areas of his life.

Carlos Aragón, who has been a team member for four years and is a business engineering student in his ninth semester, said it is very gratifying to see how the team has grown, and he is confident that the program will continue to evolve. He said the main benefits he gained from this sport are values ​​such as leadership, teamwork and discipline.

Currently, seven female ITAM students are training along with the men’s team with the goal of forming a squad to participate in the next tournament in the women’s category of the touch football league.