Participation in the Aspen Institute Mexico Launch Event
Oficina de Comunicación
April 26, 2014

By Anette Ramírez (Translation by María Terán Somohano)

The Aspen Institute Mexico, a multidisciplinary, nonpartisan forum for the promotion of dialogue regarding education, leadership, and public policies, was launched. This think tank seeks to foster reflection, debate, and discussions about ideas and actions that aim at promoting a more open and democratic society—as well as social, economic, and political development in the country.

Chairman and former UNAM Rector, Juan Ramón de la Fuente, attended the event. Other attendees were the members of the Board, including ITAM's Rector, Arturo Fernández, who lead a panel about the business and academic point of view of the telecommunications, energy, and political reforms. The panel was formed by María Amparo Casar (CIDE), Rolando Cordera (UNAM), and Gerardo Gutiérrez Candiani (CCE). Regarding the telecommunications reform, ITAM's rector highlighted the importance of having a more competitive market, able to offer better quality and price for consumers, as well as an expansion in services. On this issue, Gutiérrez Candiani asked the government to punish monopolistic practices. In her participation, María Amparo Casar said that the political reform has not satisfied expectations because democratic processes have become more expensive, and distrust towards politicians still persists.

To learn more, visit: http://aspeninstitutemexico.org/ (Spanish)