XIX ITAM Alumni Research Award
Oficina de Comunicación
May 13, 2014

By Leonardo Castillo Solís (Translation by María Terán Somohano)

The nineteenth edition of the ITAM Alumni Research Award recognized 18 alumni from eight degrees, whose graduating thesis were the most outstanding in their respective fields of study during 2013.

The guests of honor were Alejandro Hernández, Vice Rector; Alejandra Peralta, Director of Communications and Institutional Development; Eric Magar, professor in the Political Science Academic Department; and Ana María León Miravalles, head of ITAM's Alumni Association.

The vice rector highlighted the importance of graduating by writing a thesis because it is a means of discovering outstanding students' talent. Eric Magar added that writing a thesis is a very important cycle, which culminates a key learning period of a person's academic life.

Mauricio Calcaneo, one of the Law prize-winners, shared a few words regarding his experience writing his thesis: "It was a period of a lot of sacrifices, because I practically did not spend time with my wife and new born son, but it was worth it and this award confirms it."

Congratulations to all the recipients of the XIX Ex ITAM Research Award!

To see pictures of the event click here.