Andrés Roemer, Elise and Walter A. Haas International Award
Oficina de Comunicación
May 15, 2014

Congratulations to Andrés Roemer Slomianski, Economics alumni, for receiving the Elise and Walter A. Haas International Award, granted by the University of California-Berkeley. He is the first Mexican to be granted this award.

Andrés was a Fulbright scholar (1989); received highest honors in the Economics Consulting Tlacaelel National Prize (1989) for his work Evaluación jurídica, financiera y económica de la camaronicultura en México (Legal, Financial and Economic Evaluation of Shrimp Farming in Mexico); and was granted the Professional Merit in Social Sector, International Organisms, and Civil Society Award (2007) by ITAM and its Alumni Association.

Currently, Andrés is Consul General of Mexico in San Francisco.

You can watch the video of the award ceremony here: http://youtu.be/fpNTAv8_POs

Photo credits 2 – 6: Peg Skorpinski.